Custom Jewelry for Everyone

bldg01_1976What began in a tiny garage with only wood burning heat and a struggling fine arts graduate as the sole employee turned into something great; with a lot of hard work and enjoyment for what he did Images was born. Since 1976 we have had a passion for making jewelry. From those humble beginings our customer base has grown exponentially and encompases all walks of life.

Today, perhaps because we are no longer in a garage, but in a beautiful ,state of the art facility the concencus is that we must be expensive. The fact is that custom jewelry can be in all price points and something that everyone has the budget to be part of. Custom jewelry is not just for the wealthy, but anyone who wants something unique or special. Imagine being part of the design process and giving the gift of true art. Imagine how wonderful your wife will feel when she wears a piece of jewelry that no other woman has and that you were part of the process to complete it. Come in and see us, and see that making your own custom jewelry is a fun process and does not have to be expensive.

Author: Shawn

Indiana University Alumni GIA Graduate Gemologist Student

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