Pisces and Cancer Love Custom Ring

Custom JewelryThis custom ring was an online request from a loving couple. They wanted this very unique ring because she is a pisces and he is a cancer and these two astrological signs are very compatible together. The pisces is represented by a pair of fish, a symbol that others say is because those born under this sign “go with the flow” and “won’t make waves”. The symbol for cancer is a crab, for they can be moody and retreat into their shell if it suits them. A cancer does not mind retreating into its shell, as they see it as a second home, and cancers do love home. As both of these signs are water signs, when these two signs come together it becomes a tidal wave of love and passion. The overall empathy and commitment that these two signs value in a relationship is what will keep the ties strong and long lasting between the crab and the fish.

In the creation of the ring the couple asked for both their astrological mascots, as well as the birthstones for their signs, to be incorporated into the ring. The birthstones for a pisces are amethyst, for those born in February and aquamarine, for those born in March. The ruby is the birthstone for the cancer born in July. The ring turned out to be a gorgeous collaboration of the two signs, just as they are harmonious in a relationship. Needless to say, the couple was thrilled with the end result of such a unique and gorgeous piece of custom jewelry.


2 thoughts on “Pisces and Cancer Love Custom Ring”

  1. This is sooooo beautiful! I need one! I am a Cancer and my boyfriend is a Pisces. Maybe if I keep him around long enough, I can talk him into getting one made for me. How much would something like this cost?

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