World’s Most Expensive Christmas Wreath

The world’s most expensive Christmas wreath was made by Pasi Jokinen-Carter, a Finnish Florist. The wreath contains over 40 rubies and diamonds and costs $4.6 million dollars. The star of the wreath is made up a vivid red 17.49 carat ruby and a 3.03 carat fancy yellow diamond. One individual flower head holds 33 loose diamonds inside. In total, the wreath contains a whopping 138.83 carats of jewels. The wreath itself is made up of some of the most luxurious flowers in the world. The gems are all removable and can be added to next years wreath, but if you cannot wait that long, the London jeweler and provider of the stones, 77 Diamonds, can turn the rocks into a piece of jewelry for no extra cost once the festive period is over.


Most Expensive Christmas Wreath

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