Custom Million Dollar iPhone!

Gold & Diamond iPhone Apple iPhones have a reputation for being fragile at the best of times, but a jeweler has created a model so expensive that its owner might want to keep it in the box.

The handset, built by London-based jewellery firm Alchemist, is the world’s most expensive iPhone with a £600,000 ($1 million) price tag.

Dubbed Million Dollar iPhone, the handset has a handmade, 24-carat gold bezel and is covered in 700 individual diamonds, totaling over seven carats.

The navigation button is also made from 24-carat gold and has a two carat diamond cut into the center.

The spokesman added: ‘Meticulous, painstaking, and methodical are the closest words with which to describe the creative process.

The design has been called, ‘A challenge of epic aesthetic and technical proportions.

Only two of the handsets will be sold, with prospective buyers being asked to formally register their interest on either of the company’s two websites, and

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