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  • Custom Jewelry Website Updated

    Due to the popularity of our custom jewelry, both online and in our brick and mortar store we decided to update our website to be more customer oriented. Custom jewelry request flood our inbox everyday because we allow you, the customer with the oportunity to design a one of a kind peice of your very own. All of our experience and knowledge  is at your…

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  • Custom Jewelry for Everyone

    What began in a tiny garage with only wood burning heat and a struggling fine arts graduate as the sole employee turned into something great; with a lot of hard work and enjoyment for what he did Images was born. Since 1976 we have had a passion for making jewelry. From those humble beginings our customer base has grown exponentially and encompases all walks of…

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  • Brief History of John Hardy

    John Hardy was founded by Canadian artist John Hardy in 1989. He visited Bali during the mid-1970s and the island's jewelry-making traditions peaked his interest. Working with local artisans, Hardy created his first pieces by applying new design concepts to traditional Balinese techniques. In 1999, Guy Bedarida  joined the company as Head Designer. He draws his design inspiration from nature, classical European jewelry techniques, and the ancient art…

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