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  • Moonstone: The Other Birsthstone

    According to tradition, wearing your birthstone or keeping one in your environment brings you many blessings. For those of you with June birthdays looking for birthstone jewelry, you have one of the most magical gems on Earth as your birthstone. Since ancient times, the translucent moonstone – with its constantly shifting and changing colors and dimensions – has been tangibly connected to the magic of…

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  • Three Birthstones, One Month

    Children of June get their choice of three birthstones Unlike the other months, June has three traditional birthstones:  Pearl, Moonstone and Alexanderite. Pearls:   Most gemstones are found inside the earth, but pearls have an organic origin.  They are created inside the shells of certain species of oysters and clams.  Some pearls are found naturally in the mollusks that inhabit the see or freshwater rivers. …

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