10 Reasons to Love Rolex

Rolex Explorer 2In the free world one can love or hate anyone or anything they choose. The point I would like to make is that knowing the facts can make even the most ardent critic change their mind. Specifically I would like to show why its okay to love Rolex or the people that wear them. So lets look at the facts and I will leave it up to you to decide.

1. Rolex invented the wristwatch as we know it. Rolex was the first company to put real effort into marketing and producing them in 1905. Other companies could see no reason to stray from producing pocket watches.

2. Rolex invented the waterproof wristwatch. Their invention of the screw down crown was a classically simple concept, similar to a submarine hatch.

3. Ditto for self winding mechanisms. The company saw the way the watch market was headed and also saw the mistakes other companies made. Today, a vast majority of the automatic watches produced use a version of the Rolex Auto Rotor system.

4. One of the most important advances made by Rolex was their decision to gain chronometer certification. Before they instituted the program other companies just talked about how accurate their watches were; but Rolex was the first company to have the accuracy proven by an independent agency.

5. Today many companies have “Professional” watches designed for a specific job, such as diving, sailing or pilots. Rolex just so happened to invent this concept as well. The Submariner is one such example.

6. As you can see thus far Rolex is the most innovative watch company to date, with over a thousand patents in 100 years.

7. Today they are the most self-sufficient watch company in existence because they produce all their own movements, cases ,bracelets, and crystals.

8. Many a customer has come in and wondered just why the cost of a new Rolex is so high, well, there are two main reasons. First they sell every watch they make. Second, no one in history has ever been forced to buy a Rolex, it is up to ones free will. Like everything else that is for sale, the free market system rules.

9. It is hard to speak about Rolex without touching on resale value. In the most simple terms Rolex (both new and pre-owned) retain a higher percentage of their cost than any other Swiss production watch.

10. My favorite reason to buy a Rolex is one that people rarely think of. Most of the company profits go to good causes. The company is owned by two family trusts, the larger of which gives a majority to charitable causes , including education and an orphanage.

Author: Shawn

Indiana University Alumni GIA Graduate Gemologist Student

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