Satisfy your jewelry sweet tooth with chocolate pearls

chocolate-pearlChocolate pearls are the new black. Created by bleaching top quality Tahitian pearls using a proprietary process, chocolate pearls are quickly becoming the newest must have item. Having a beautiful chocolate color, they make a statement when mixed with rose and yellow gold.

Not all chocolate pearls are created equally though. As the chocolate pearl craze descends in to the QVC and Wal-Mart categories lower cost, and quality, pearls are being created for the growing market. Rather than using the fine Tahitian South Sea pearls, many manufacturers are using the more common mass produced Chinese freshwater pearls and using a silver nitrate dyeing process.

While this is causing some issues in the trade between the high end manufacturers and the volume sellers, it has been great for the consumer by providing multiple levels of quality and price allowing more people the ability to buy in at the level they feel comfortable with.

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