One Old Necklace

4,000 Year Old Gold NecklaceThe oldest piece of gold jewelry ever found in the Americas has been discovered near Lake Tikicaca in Peru. The necklace was made about 4,000 years ago. It is 600 years older than any other gold jewelry found in the Western Hemisphere to date. Mark Aldenderfer discovered the necklace while excavating a site for human remains.

The necklace was actually found about seven years ago but the find was kept quiet for fear of looters raiding the site. It is believed to have belonged to the Andean people who lived around that time period. The Andeans were hunters and gatherers before settling down in the Lake Tikicaca area. This important find shows the emergence of status symbols long before the rule of kings and queens. The necklace is being held at the National Institute of Peru and might soon be displayed in a museum.

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