2.05 carat Fancy Intense Pink Diamond

This 2.05 carat fancy intense pink diamond is destine for a spectacular anniversary ring. A local couple came to us wanting something truly special to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary and after showing a selection of important loose diamonds and gems they decided a natural pink diamond was what they were looking for. Stay tuned for updates on the ring design and photos of the finished piece.


Pink Diamonds have become increasingly popular over the past decade, mostly due to Hollywood and prominent auction sales. The overall supply of natural fancy pink diamonds in the world is extremely low.  In fact, almost all of the world’s pink diamonds come from one mine in Western Australia called the Argyle mine.  The famed Argyle mine also produces a large percentage of the world’s brown (aka, “chocolate” color diamonds.  Before the discovery of this mine in the 1980′s, production of fancy pink diamonds had been scant at best.  When Argyle went live, it quickly gained the reputation as the only reliable consistent source of high quality pinks in the world and this remains true today.

Author: Shawn

Indiana University Alumni GIA Graduate Gemologist Student

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