Silver Sales Soar Across U.S.

With the momentum of sterling silver sales across the country–and optimism projected for the metal heading into fall–four
major trends seem to have emerged in the category.

Amanda Gizzi, director of communications at Jewelers of America, identifies
two of these as feminine, filigree-styles of design, and bold, geometric

“Detail and intricacies being used in silver is keeping with a lot of what
we’re seeing this fall with fine jewelry in general–lacy textures and super
feminine and floral designs,” she says. “The opposite is geometric shapes.
Pyramids, open cuffs with squares, maze patterns. I’m seeing it more in silver
than anything else.”

The feminine filigree trend can be linked to two factors, Gizzi
explains–women wanting more unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, and trends from the
fashion world.

“For so long with the economic times, women went back to basics, to styles
that drew no attention,” she says. “Now they want something special and aren’t
afraid to spend more money to get that.”

In addition, the popularity of menswear for women–“boyfriend” blazers,
baggier jeans and power suits–calls for feminine jewelry to soften the look.
Navy hues in clothing are also prominent right now, “and sterling pairs
beautifully with that color,” Gizzi says.

Another ongoing trend is the use of diamonds, pearls and colored gemstones in
sterling silver designs.

“It’s a great way to keep prices down for companies that want to specialize
in a stone,” Gizzi says. “Before, if you walked into a fine jewelry store, you
weren’t seeing sterling being incorporated with precious gemstones, and now
we’re certainly seeing that.”

Price-wise, the cost of sterling silver jewelry is increasing, something that
speaks to the precious factor of the metal.

“Sterling silver used to be something people thought of as an inexpensive
metal. So when they wanted sterling silver, they wanted it for under $100,”
Gizzi says.“Now that’s increasing, because so many designers are using silver
and people are getting used to the idea of it being part of a fine jewelry

The main point is that consumers can now walk into a reputable
fine jewelry store, like Images and have an amazing selection of sterling silver pieces at
their disposal, and it’s a true testament of the trend.

Author: Shawn

Indiana University Alumni GIA Graduate Gemologist Student

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