76ct Historic diamond sets price record

Industry Analysis: Archduke Diamond Sets Price Record:
Elizabeth Taylor, move over for Archduke Joseph.
The 76.02 ct type IIa, Golcanda diamond, which belonged to the Archduke of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, brought $21.5 million Nov. 13 at Christie’s Geneva auction. The diamond, a GIA-graded diamond D-If, achieved a record per-carat price of $282,545. Elizabeth Taylor’s diamond, which sold last December, brought $265,697 per carat.
The buyer of the famed Archduke diamond wished to remain anonymous.
The history of the Archduke diamond is obscure, but it is believed to have come from India’s Golcanda mine, which produced many legendary diamonds before the 19th Century. Golcanda was a major source of Type IIa diamonds that are often more “limpid” than Type I stones, which contain trace amounts of nitrogen, a yellowing agent.

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