7 Custom Jewelry Myths Exposed

Every bride-to-be has an idea about how her perfect wedding ring should look, but it can be incredibly difficult to match the mass produced rings with the fantasy in their minds. Many people don’t realize that custom jewelry is an option, but even those who do are often scared away by a laundry list of myths that have little to no basis in reality. The truth is that custom jewelry can be a great experience for nearly anyone – below we’ve dispelled some of the most common custom myths for you.

1. Custom Jewelry is Expensive

Custom designed work certainly can be expensive, if you choose very expensive metals and stones. The truth is that custom jewelers work with a variety of metals and gems, both natural and man-made. In fact, you can even bring in old pieces to help offset the final price of your custom piece. Whether you want to upgrade your grandmother’s old wedding ring into a more modern design or just reuse the diamonds for a piece you’ll enjoy wearing, custom artisans are able to help.

Just let your jeweler know what price range you’re comfortable with and they can suggest materials that will complete your design while staying within your budget. Custom work doesn’t have to be expensive – by reusing old jewelry, an accomplished jeweler may even be able to save you money over the discount online stores.

Celtic Black Jade Cuff Links
Celtic Black Jade Cuff Links

2. Jewelers Only Customize Wedding Jewelry

Many people think that custom jewelry is only for engagement or wedding rings, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. A custom designer can create any type of jewelry you can dream of and are often commissioned to design special pieces as gifts for family and friends. Although custom jewelers design many rings, they also frequently create belt buckles, earrings, pendants, pins, cuff links and bracelets.

3. Custom Jewelry Takes Too Long

In-house custom jewelers may need some time to source materials for your special design, but with the help of the Internet this process is reduced to a few days at most. If you check your email and messages frequently during the design phase of your project and approve designs and changes promptly, your piece can often be ready in only a couple of weeks. More complicated designs with rare materials may take a little longer, but you will typically get a time estimate along with your price estimate.

4. Custom Jewelry is Outsourced

Hopefully you can rest a little easier when you learn that your great-aunt’s antique bracelet never leaves the store with an in-house custom designer. Bigger chain stores may send pieces to other locations where their jewelers are located, increasing the risk that your heirloom is lost or damaged. But when you’re dealing with an in-house custom jeweler, they normally keep the work in-house. By keeping everything inside the store, they save postage and time and eliminate the risk that a customer will lose an irreplaceable heirloom.

5. All Jewelers Offer the Same Services

Unfortunately, this is far from true. Many chain jewelry stores only sell products they purchase from outside manufacturers, or if they offer custom services, they’re very limited. Even custom jewelers have different skills that enable them to work with particular metals or perform certain techniques that may be vital to your project. Make sure you explain your needs in detail so your jeweler is certain they are properly armed for your design.

6. They Won’t Understand My Needs / I Can’t Explain What I Want

Many custom pieces start out with a design that someone has seen online or in a catalog. Bring a picture of your original inspiration with you, along with any other ideas you think would enhance it. A custom jeweler will sketch out your special piece based on your explanations and photos long before they begin to construct your item. If it’s not right, say so and they’ll adjust the drawing until it’s spot on. The more information you can provide your jeweler in the form of pictures and drawings, the more accurate the first sketches will be.

7. I’ll Have to Pay for Custom Jewelry That’s Not What I Want

Most custom jewelers feel the same way about their custom work – it’s an art form and it must be right. If you’re not happy with the way your jewelry turned out, they’ll keep working on it until it’s exactly what you imagined. Be patient and they’ll do everything they can to correct any errors or misunderstandings. After all, they want you to leave the store a happy, confident customer with a truly unique piece of jewelry that’s all your own.

When it’s time to bring your custom project to life, call your local custom jeweler. They have the materials and know-how to design the perfect jewelry for any occasion. Bring in any old items you have that could be incorporated into your new design to help keep the project under budget.

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