Special Weddings Deserve Custom Engagement Rings

Long before you say, “I do,” there’s a wedding to plan, flowers to choose and rings to buy.  Although solitaire diamonds and solid bands are as traditional as white dresses, flower girls and tuxedos, more and more couples are choosing rings that reflect their personalities and interests.  Unusual designs are rampant on the internet, filling social media sites like Pinterest and Facebook with unique ideas for every kind of couple.

If you decide to throw Grandma’s wedding ring back into the keepsakes drawer and begin a new tradition with custom wedding rings that reflect your own tastes, a custom jeweler can bring your ideas to life.  Whether you want to combine some ideas you’ve swiped from the Internet or have the perfect ring in mind already, but need help bringing it to life, a custom jeweler can make your custom engagement rings as special and unique as your wedding day.

A Twist on Traditional

Fingerprint Ring
Fingerprint Ring

So, maybe a Green Lantern engagement ring isn’t your thing, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a boring ring.  Many modern ring designs give a nod to the traditional, but have their own quirky twists.  Bands engraved with fingerprints, voice imprints or DNA signatures are truly unique to their owners, even though they otherwise have a very traditional appearance.

Modern bridal rings incorporate multiple concepts into one ring, for those ladies who are torn between two favorite traditional designs.  Eternity bands accented with a larger central stone are popular, as are rings that bring in stones other than diamonds for a little extra color.  This is your ring, after all – who says it can’t have some extra pizzazz?

Insert Your Interest Here

Dr. Who Ring
Dr. Who Ring

Couples with serious geek love for Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Marvel, DC or Nintendo no longer have to hide their secret passions from their friends and families.  After all, it’s cool to be a nerd these days – it kind of makes all that High School humiliation and embarrassment worthwhile. Kind of.

No matter your nerdy interests, if they brought you and your spouse-to-be into one another’s orbits, you might as well give them a nod with theme rings.  Why not cement your love with a Batman band, Star Trek insignia or Legend of Zelda inspired ring?  The One Ring is always an option, if you want to rule them all….

Techno Rings

The Hot
The Hot

Technology is increasingly finding its way into the world of engagement and wedding rings.  Bands designed to remind you of your anniversary parade around looking like plain old silver rings, but will heat to 120 degrees Fahrenheit 24 hours before the big day.  The 10 seconds of attention-grabbing heat will brand “Buy Flowers” onto your mental to-do list.  Other tech-loaded rings equipped with LEDs glow when the happy couple holds hands.

Rings containing microchips and other pieces of interlocking technology like USB and Ethernet jacks and sockets are an interesting way to express your connection through jewelry.  For low-tech lovers, interlocking rings with nuts and bolts send a similar message from the hardware store.  Your custom jeweler can craft your favorite hardware into rings that express your close connection to your new spouse.

Funny Rings

Sushi Ring
Sushi Ring

Not a fan of the geeky, nerdy, techie or seriously scientific?  Check out some of the funny rings that jewelers across the country are creating from ideas their customers bring in to them.  Wedding rings that look like zip ties, tire tracks, bottle caps, and Legos are increasingly common – there’s even a sushi ring floating around on Pinterest that looks downright delicious.

Decoder rings are making a comeback, but take care when choosing one: these nifty rings, based on a spinner band design, may encourage your spouse to send you secret messages.  Rings with viewfinders and photos built in are a sentimental favorite, though rings embossed with text-speak hearts (<3) are fun for heavy texters.

Designing Your Unique Wedding Ring

No matter the wedding ring design that’s burning in your heart, you can make it come to life with the help of a custom jeweler.  Using their knowledge of metals, jewels and different casting processes, a custom jeweler can help you choose the materials and techniques best suited to your perfect ring set and suggest tweaks that may make them even better.  Custom jewelry can be surprisingly affordable and many jewelers will even offer free quotes so you know that, unlike the open bar, your special rings won’t break the wedding budget.

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