What Does The Fox Ring Say?


This custom orange diamond ring was inspired by the red fox. It was a request of a husband whose wife absolutely loves foxes. To incorporate the red fox’s color, we chose a natural fancy vivid yellowish orange diamond for the center stone. We brought out more of the fox with it’s paw prints down the sides, along with 12 white diamonds, all crafted in 14k white gold. Both husband and wife were thrilled with the outcome of this unique custom piece.

The red fox is the largest of the true foxes and is well-known for its large bushy tail, which is often tipped with white. The red fox’s tail, which is known as a brush, can be used as a warm cover in cold weather. With 28 different vocalizations, red foxes have a wide vocal range that spans 5 octaves. Even though they have so many sounds, how is it that we still don’t know what the fox says?

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