Custom Elk Tooth Pendant

Elk Tooth Pendant This custom pendant was made for a customer who wanted us to create a piece of jewelry that would proudly display the ivory tooth of an elk that he had hunted. The pendant was made  in 14k yellow gold. Our design has the elk’s head and antlers grasping  the ivory, on the side we put elk tracks and vivid red rubies. On the back we created a scene with a majestic elk in his native environment. This pendant is a unique design that truly tells the story and the meaning behind the ivory tooth.

Elk have two ivory teeth, one on each side of their upper jaw. These ivories are believed to be the remnants of fighting tusks from the elk’s prehistoric ancestors. For many Native American tribes, wearing the ivory tooth of an elk  in jewelry has been a long standing tradition.  For them, it was a symbol of status, as well as  the mark of a great hunter.



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