Latest trend in fashion? Skulls!

Skull Ring
From high fashion to jewelry, to even home decor and beyond: skulls. They have been popping up big time in jewelry and fashion for the past few years. Alexander McQueen, the late fashion and luxury clothing designer, showcased the style at the Met Museum at his fashion show in 2011. That sent the look skyrocketing. Just two short years later the skulls were seen in home accessories, think plates and cups. Not just for Halloween anymore. Today, in 2014 skulls are mainstream for home furnishings and fashion alike. Here at Images Jewelers our best selling line that we produce is our skeleton jewelry, like the ring on the left.

So, by now you might be wondering, “Who buys this stuff?” Well, the profile of the consumers who grab these items off the shelf in a flash is this: They are hip, nontraditional and affluent, and love to wear dark, well tailored clothing. They tend to be in their early 30’s to mid-50s. They are also style watchers and trend setters.

What we wear and the homes we live in reflect our lives and the world around us. Designers respond to trends around them, so its no surprise to me that skulls are everywhere today. In the end its all about having a good design that is interesting, unique and thought provoking.

Author: Shawn

Indiana University Alumni GIA Graduate Gemologist Student

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