Blue diamond could bring more than $35 million

Rough blue diamondAn extremely rare 122.52-carat natural blue diamond just found in South Africa may bring more than $35 million for a large London mining company.

Just three or four blue diamonds greater than 100 carats have ever been discovered, according to Cathy Mallins, corporate communications manager at Petra Diamonds Ltd.

Thus far, the highest price ever for a rough diamond is $35.3 million, paid in February 2010 for a 507-carat white stone recovered from the same mine, finnCap analyst Martin Potts said in a research note.

“We think that this stone may break that record,” he said.

Both diamonds were discovered in the Cullinan mine, the source of many large diamonds, including the largest rough gem diamond ever – the 3,106-carat Cullinan Diamond found in 1905.

That diamond was cut into two stones that are part of Britain’s Crown Jewels held in the Tower of London.

Blue diamonds are one of the rarest and most valuable gemstones in the world. All natural fancy colors are rare, but not even most jewelers have even seen a natural blue diamond. The Hope diamond, which I have viewed in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., is the most famous blue diamond in the world, and the largest finished stone at 45.52 carats.


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