Go-Kart Angel Pendant

After hearing the hardship of a brave and resilient young man, we wanted to do something special for him; so we made him this custom pendant. A 16 year old named Connor Watson was competing in the second heat of the go-kart races with seven other karts when he lost control of his vehicle on the second turn of the first lap and crashed into the retaining wall.

Go-Kart Pendant“Connor was near the front when he went up high, lost control and hit the wall very hard,” Track owner Merle Holden said. “Then he drifted to the exit and came to a rest right where the apron and track come together.”

Holden said the on-hand trauma nurse immediately began tending to Watson and called an ambulance. He estimated first responders were on scene within 10 minutes.

Watson was eventually moved to the parking lot and was airlifted to Bronson Methodist Hospital for further treatment.

Holden said he was told by Watson’s father, David Watson, that the teen was initially unconscious and thought to have suffered internal swelling and a possible laceration to his liver. Conner’s condition slowly improved, from opening his eyes and breathing on his own, to eventually walking on his own.

The karts can travel up to 70 mph, and it was estimated that Conner was traveling around 60 mph when he hit a wall taking the turn. It has been a long road for Conner, and his recovery has been dramatic over the past few months thanks to his never quit attitude. This one of a kind pendant was crafted in sterling silver and features a go-kart with angel wings, because an angel was watching over him that day. As you can see, he has a very infectious smile, and our entire team was happy to do this small gesture for such a great guy.

Shawn & Conner

Author: Shawn

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