Rock star prices

Color diamond prices are reaching new highs up into the stratosphere and beyond. There is a lot of new money in the marketplace today, with many new billionaires around the globe. The natural colored diamond is one of the most desirable items for the new rich, while on the supply side of the equation, the mines dole out colored diamonds with an eyedropper. Unlike the white diamonds market, which is predictable where a certain price can be paid of a certain size, color and clarity, the fancy colored diamond market is determined by the appearance of each individual stone. Therefore the pricing of colored diamonds is more subjective.

The prices for natural fancy colored diamonds in the future only seem to have an upward path.  For the rarest colors blue, pink, or green, the prices in 3 carat stones have gone up 3 to 6 times in the past 5 years. The elusive orange and purple diamonds have risen 15 times in price in the past 5 years. The one reason for the rocket like rise in prices is due to the absolute rarity of pure colors. There is a demand for anything that is special in colored diamonds and yet the supply seems to continue downward. The auction houses are also fanning the fires of this colored diamond craze. Every time there is a large fancy colored diamond offered at auction (5 carats and up) the prices reach new record highs, along with increased demand. Listed below are the sale results for some natural fancy colored diamonds that have sold:

The Graff Vivid Yellow

100.09 Carats VS2

Sold for $16,347,847.00

Graff Yellow

The Winston Blue

13.22 Carat Fancy Vivid Blue Pear Shape


Sold for $23,795,372.00

Winston Blue

Fancy Vivid Pink- Oval

5.50 Carats

Sold for $9,537,000.00

Fancy vivid pink oval

The Prince Diamond

                Fancy Intense Pink –Cushion Shape

34.65 Carat VS2 Type II

Sold for $39,323,750.00

The Prince Diamond

The Orange

14.82 Carats VS Type Ia

Fancy Vivid Orange- Pear Shape

Sold for $35,540,612.00

The Orange

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