What karat of gold is best?

goldGold is one of the worlds most precious metals.  All civilizations have built up treasures of this metal and used in their most important rituals.

To this day Chinese and Indian brides wear 24kt jewelry on their wedding day to ensure a lifetime of good luck and happiness.

The term “Karat” is used to indicate the gold purity.  Pure gold is 24 karat.  The legal standard in the jewelry industry is 10kt or 417, 14kt or 585 and 18kt or 750.  The number before the kt indicates how many parts out of 24 are pure gold.  They mix other alloys with the gold to control the color, cost and durability.

Nothing less than 10kt gold can be legally marked and be sold as gold jewelry in the United States.

The richest color in yellow gold would be 18kt, but it has it’s disadvantages as it will cost more and not wear as well as 14kt or 10kt.

In the United States, 14kt has become the most popular gold to use to make jewelry.  Pricing is based on four factors, Karatage, gram weight, design and craftmanship.  It is important to remember that each piece of jewelry is unique.  Gold is very durable and can last a lifetime but it can scratch or even dent so it is important to take care of your jewelry.  A lot of people do not realized chlorine can be very damaging to gold, so it is a good idea to keep it out of pools and the jacuzzi.

Clean your gold jewelry with a cleaning solution of sudsy warm water or take it to your jewelry to be professionally cleaned.

As always it is a good idea to have your jewelry checked by a professional once a year just to make sure clasps or prongs are safely secure.

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