Most Amazing Wedding Proposals Ever

Everyone dreams of their perfect wedding proposal. The perfect setting, the perfect moment, the perfect ring, even the perfect mate. But some people are just naturally over the top. Proposing on a bridge in Venice isn’t enough, proposing in the park just isn’t quite right, even a grand public proposal on the Jumbotron just seems lacking when you compare it to some of the most amazing wedding proposals ever.

Amazing Wedding Proposal Number 6 – Glee Flashmob Wedding Proposal

Let’s start with one of the largest flash mob proposals ever. Nearly 1,000 people joined in for the annual Glee Flashmob gathering in Seattle and in the middle of it all was a great proposal.

 Amazing Wedding Proposal Number 5 – Animated Love Letters

Jeff Paul went a different route and brought together a full animation team of 20 animators to build this super cute animation and then convincing a local theater to show it as a preview before a movie.

Amazing Wedding Proposal Number 4 – Matt Still’s Movie Premier

Matt decided to make his own action thriller for his bride to be Ginny.

Amazing Wedding Proposal Number 3 – The Home Depot Dancers

You don’t need a movie theater to propose either. The lumber isle at Home Depot works just as well for Spencer and Dustin. Complete with Dancers, parents, family and friends taking part.

Amazing Wedding Proposal Number 2 – It’s Magic!

When it’s time to propose you know it’s magic. But Sean decided to take it one step further by having Andrea film her own proposal.

Amazing Wedding Proposal Number 1 – Justin and Emily

What do you do when a flashmob, singing, dancing, a movie, and magic tricks just aren’t enough? You do them ALL!! It doesn’t hurt to do it all in the table at the restaurant where you had your first date either.

Everyone’s proposal is special and memorable in their own way. But if you are looking to go over the top and really make a splash, then you have a lot of work cut out for you. And ladies, if this is the type of proposal you want, you better start hinting now.

If you have an amazing wedding proposal video we’d love to see it, post a link to the youtube video here in the comments so we can all see it!

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