Month: December 2014

  • 5 Last Minute Gifts

    Are you still trying to decide what to buy for Christmas? Let us suggest a few items that are sure to thrill even the most challenging person to buy for. 1. Fancy Vivid Brown Diamond Pendant 2. Double Halo Tanzanite Ring 3. Emerald Cut Aquamarine Pendant 4. Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond Ring 5. Skull Cuff Links with Black Diamonds Contact us at 574-264-2040 to find…

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  • Grading Diamonds

    Have you ever wondered how to know if you’re buying a nice quality diamond?  It can be a bit overwhelming, but with a little education of a diamond’s quality characteristics it can be simple.  Every diamond is unique as a snowflake, no two are alike. There was no agreed upon way to grade diamonds until the middle of the twentieth century.  GIA, which stands for…

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  • What’s In My Gold??

    No, it’s not a fly (as in “What’s that in my soup?).  It’s the reason that your gold is the color it is.  Many years ago, when your grandparents and great-grandparents were buying jewelry, gold followed the Henry Ford school of thought – you could have gold any color you wanted it, as long as it was yellow.  As time and technology progressed, metallurgists (that’s…

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