Month: April 2015

  • How To Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry at Home

    When it comes to cleaning sterling silver jewelry it isn't always necessary to use harsh chemicals. If you are a little bit handy you can do it yourself, at home, with a few simple ingredients. To try this at home you will need: glass or plastic bowl aluminum foil hot water baking soda plastic or wood fork Step 1: Line your bowl with aluminum foil Step…

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  • The History of Mother’s Day

    The theme of motherhood is one of the most common notion throughout almost all cultures – which is why so many countries around the world honor and celebrate Mother's Day or something quite similar. In much of the world, Mother's Day represents a time to think about the things that mothers and grandmothers have passed down to the younger generations and to express appreciation and…

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  • Baseball Bling

    World Series Rings It’s Spring!  Spring is the season when young men and die-hard Chicago Cubs fans turn to the annual renewal of America’s Pastime – Baseball!  Die-hard Cubs fans have an added degree of hope this season as, according to the Back to the Future movie franchise, 2015 is the year that their annual exercise in futility comes to an end and the Cubs…

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