Month: May 2015

  • Do You Suffer From Large Knuckles?

    What do you do when your ring is both too large and too small? Ladies and gentlemen!  How many of you have a special ring in your jewelry box that you no longer wear either because you can’t get the ring over your knuckle or, because you had it sized large enough to get over your knuckle, it spins around your finger that the stones…

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  • Diamonds Aren’t The ONLY Gems For Engagement Rings

    Sapphire Engagement Rings Are More Popular Than Ever While the words diamond and custom engagement ring have been used in concert since the late Victorian era, the tradition isn’t unbreakable. In fact, a growing number of future brides forgo diamond engagement rings altogether – based on personal preferences, moral grounds or financial reasons. Like its sister, the ruby, sapphires are gems of the mineral corundum.…

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