Month: June 2015

  • Moonstone: The Other Birsthstone

    According to tradition, wearing your birthstone or keeping one in your environment brings you many blessings. For those of you with June birthdays looking for birthstone jewelry, you have one of the most magical gems on Earth as your birthstone. Since ancient times, the translucent moonstone – with its constantly shifting and changing colors and dimensions – has been tangibly connected to the magic of…

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  • Alexandrite and Color Change Gems

    Why settle for one color when you can have ALL the colors? Gemstones that display unique colors or optical effects have always held a special fascination for collectors and consumers. Called “phenomenal gems” by gemologists, they all feature an exceptional optical effect that sets them apart from their more traditional counterparts. Sapphire, spinel, garnet, tourmaline and Turkish diaspore gems all feature varying degrees of optical…

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  • Where Did Engagement Rings Come From?

    History of Engagement Rings Long before we learned that diamonds are forever and before they became a girl’s best friend, engagement rings were made of simpler stuff. While there‘s no historical record of the first time a man slipped a ring on the finger of the woman who promised to be his bride, there is enough evidence to suggest that the tradition at least dates…

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