Ruby: The Red Birthstone of July

July’s birthstone is among one of the most highly prized gems throughout history. The ruby was considered to have magical powers, and was worn by royalty as a talisman against evil. It was thought to grow darker when danger was imminent.

Ruby Rose Ring in Red Gold
Ruby Rose Ring in Red Gold

Rubies are made from Corundum. The mineral corundum creates two distinct stones, the first is ruby, and the second is sapphires. Sapphires can come in a variety of colors, but only red corundum is considered a ruby. Since natural occurring rubies are very rare and extremely rare in larger sizes over 3 carets they can command a higher price.

Ruby is one of the most beautiful created stone by nature. It comes in either a pinkish red or a deep rich red color. High quality rubies have great hue to them and are termed “silk” rubies.
Rubies could be one of the oldest gemstones created by nature. Corundum which rubies are made from is created from aluminum, iron, small bits of chromium and titanium. Corundum is one of the hardest substances and second in hardness only to diamond.

Ancient tribes used the gem as bullets for blowguns, and it was said that a pot of water would boil instantly if a ruby was tossed into it. The gem was also ground to a powder and place on the tongue as a cure for indigestion.

Ruby and Diamond Ring
Ruby and Diamond Ring

Rubies have been worn by Kings and aristocrats since the beginning of time. Ruby comes from the Latin word “ruber” which means red. It was said to ward off sickness and to make one invulnerable to defeat. During ancient times it was said that those that possess rubies will never have their wealth or belongings taken from them. Today, rubies are used for high quality jewelry. They are extremely strong, and resistant to scratches.

It has been said that the ruby’s red glow comes from its internal flame that can’t be extinguished, making a gift of the stone symbolic to everlasting love.

July’s birthstone poem – The ruby

“The geaming Ruby should adorn,
All those who in July are born,
For thus they’ll be exempt and free,
From Lover’s doubts and anxiety.”

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