18k Buffalo Nickel Belt Buckle

Summertime at Images is a fun time. We get to take some time for ourselves to create the new and up and coming ideas and designs.

Recently I had some design work that led me in the direction of ideas along the line of the 1912 Buffalo nickel. I was working on a man’s belt buckle and wanted the appearance of it to be shiny and high polished on the outside done in sterling silver with the center coin-like emblem done in an impressionistic style in 18 Karat yellow gold. My customer wanted the Indian head on the obverse side to the buffalo to be a bit more rugged and not exactly a copy of the coin.

Nicole, one of our jeweler/designers, and I collaborated on the look of this belt buckle and finally came up with the picture you see attached. We left the 18 Karat yellow gold Indian head medallion in its rough raw cast state without any polishing. We then rubbed it with a polishing clot to give it a very light sheen. Then we applied a brown antiquing stain. After that solution dried thoroughly, we took a very soft stainless steel brush to the surface giving it the surreal impressionistic style we were after.

This job was a great deal of fun due to the fact that Nicole and I got to run loose on it and make the project the way our hearts took us. You will be able later to see better photographs of the belt buckle in our custom gallery. I just took some quick photos for the blog. My son Kelly will take the good ones later.

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