December’s Birthstone – Blue Zircon and Tanzanite

The month of December is represented by two different birthstones; Tanzanite and Blue Zircon. Tanzanite, being relatively new amongst colored stones, as it wasn’t discovered until the late 1960s. It owes much of its beauty to an unusual gemstone property called pleochroism, the ability to exhibit more than one color. When viewed from different directions, tanzanite can look blue, violet, and purple.Blue-Zircon-Ring

Zircon on the other hand, is often confused with artificial diamond because it is usually colorless. However, the most popular zircon today is blue zircon. It is one of the oldest minerals on earth and is best found today in Cambodia. Blue zircon has very unique properties that make it popular with gemstone collectors. Not only does zircon have outstanding brilliance, but it also has very strong dispersion or fire, the tendency to split white light into the spectral colors. To show you an example of top quality zircon, we chose this 18k white gold ring, set with an unbelievably bright 14.55 carat blue zircon. (photo on left)




Custom Tanzanite PendantFor tanzanite, we have chosen this breath-taking Tanzanite and blue sapphire pendant by Spark; perfect for you December babies! Resting comfortably in a mounting of diamonds and 18K gold, this show stopper sparkles with holiday cheer.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ Both of these pieces are available in our Elkhart, Indiana showroom or by phone order at 574-264-2040 .

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