Why Custom Jewelry?

Why Custom Jewelry?

Welcome to the Images Jewelers Blog! When it comes to custom jewelry design, personally, I am not a fashion plate. My clothing is very traditional, I prefer leather oxfords to tennis shoes, I have a drawer full of pairs of black socks, and when I wear suits they are typically dark colored. I am a stereotypical preppie. However, the one thing that I am extremely fussy about is my eyeglasses. I am a child of the 1960’s -1970’s and I like round lenses. Not oval, not half-round – round! In a world where the current fashion in glasses is rectangles and half-glasses, I feel left out and that no one cares about what I like.

How many of you feel the same way when it comes to buying jewelry? If you go to the mall to one of the big box/chain jewelers the styles all look the same. If you go to an independent jeweler you have a little more variety to choose from, but you still don’t see anything that has your name written all over it. It sounds like custom jewelry is what you need! custom jewelry

Custom jewelry is not as unusual or expensive as you might think it is, and the big advantage is you get a one of a kind piece of jewelry that has you written all over it!

You don’t have to be an artist to have custom jewelry made. Everything starts with an idea. Maybe you saw some land or seascape that inspired you. Maybe a color you saw in a book or museum you fell in love with. It doesn’t matter. Every piece of jewelry made whether it is mass produced or custom jewelry starts in the same place – an idea in someone’s mind.

The Custom Jewelry Design Process

The first step in making custom jewelry is the design. That’s where the idea comes into play. Either you or the designer has to have an idea of what the finished piece is going to look like. We often get requests for engagement rings where the future bride finds ideas from 3 or 4 rings that she wants to incorporate into her ring. After all, she wants her ring to be unique, not something every other woman getting married this June is wearing. Get those ideas on paper, or a picture of what you like; anything that will help in the final design. The designing process is a partnership between you and the designer. What metal to use, what gemstones or diamonds to use, the color, each detail is worked out between you and the designer.

Once a design is decided on, the designer will provide you with a rendering of the design so you can see what the final piece of custom jewelry will look like. With the superior Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs now made for the jewelry industry, these renderings are three dimensional and can be made any size you would like to see. Our designer creates renderings that are large and also actual size so you get a true view of what your custom jewelry will look like.

Once final approval is given, it’s just a matter of manufacturing your custom jewelry. This is a fascinating process in itself. We first take the design and create a model of the item. This is done either with a mill that cuts a piece of wax to look like your item or with a 3-D printer that grows the model as a piece of resin. The model is then cast in whatever metal was agreed to. The resulting casting is then finished from the raw casting into something that looks close to the finished piece of custom jewelry. Stones are then set in the jewelry and it receives final finishing and polishing. All that’s left is for you to pick up your custom piece of jewelry or for us to ship it to you.

Once you have your piece of custom jewelry, I’m sure you’ll love it! Tell your friends where you got it. Write a review on Google or Yelp! Post a picture on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Most of all, just love your jewelry because it was made just for you!

Maybe someday I’ll find the glasses I want.

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