Belle E’toile Jewelry

Who doesn’t like a high end look for a reasonable price?

Belle E’toile is pronounced “bell eh twah”.  It is a French and Italian designer line of unique jewelry.  Belle E’toile is French for “beautiful star”.

Belle-Etoile Bracelets
Belle-Etoile Bracelets

It’s a high quality made sterling silver line of jewelry and uses Italian enamel, Italian rubber, seashell pearl, colored stones and Italian resin in the designs.  They make their designs in rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings.  You can have a matched set or mix it up.  Best of all, the materials they use are hypoallergenic nickel allergy free 925 sterling silver that they rhodium plate which helps keep it from tarnishing.  So it always looks great!

Their “Enameled Collection” they use their signature cold enameling process to produce bright rich colors.  Fun colors for all year round wear.  There are many themes to this collection.

The “Seashell Pearl Collection” has award winning designs.  The pearls are made with the inner nucleus of the seashell that is carved from fossilized deep sea oyster shells.  It’s then coated with crushed mother of pearl and pigment.  The final product is strong and beautiful with bright luster.  It makes for great jewelry for weddings and special nights out.  Who doesn’t like to look glamorous?

The “Colored Stone Collection” is all lab grown stones that are hand- picked for their quality and color.  They use a lot of bold bright colors for that person who dares to be unique or you can have a classic look of white stones which gives you a more tailored look.

The “Italian Resin Collection” is sculpted in a special molding process that gives each piece its shape and bold designs.  It not only becomes a beautiful piece of jewelry but also a beautiful piece of art.  This collection will make a statement.

My personal favorite is the “Italian Rubber Collection”.   It has the look of a high end piece of jewelry but is very affordable.  I almost always get a compliment on the pieces of jewelry when I am wearing them.  Their rubber is imported from Italy.  It is known for its high durability and color consistency.  So you don’t have to worry about the rubber fading.  It has a smooth comfortable feel and who doesn’t like comfort AND beauty?

Belle Etoile Bracelets
Belle Etoile Bracelets

They also offer a line of accessories like satin cords in a variety of colors and chains (in several lengths) for the pendants.  Plus sterling silver bails with or without stones for the pendants so you can change things up depending on your mood or if you feel casual or need to be a bit more dressed up.

Every spring and fall they come out with new items to refresh their designs and add new styles to keep your look up to date with fashion and style.  The designs appeal to the young and old.  There is a price for every budget.  Prices range from $90 to $1200.

As the company says “Shine like the star you are”.

Author: Shawn

Indiana University Alumni GIA Graduate Gemologist Student

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