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At Images Jewelers we have been primarily known for our fine custom jewelry for 43 years. However, in the past 30 years, we have been searching for fine mineral and crystal specimens around the world to ensure the best quality. Once we find these specimens we then turn them into unique sculptures for those who share a common love of gems and minerals.  These sculptures are so dramatic and fantastic that if someone were to find them in the ground in this state, they would be sold for a tremendous amount of money. When we started this idea we didn’t know how other people would react to these pieces. It has been met with great fanfare and to date we have delighted 34 people or families with our wonderful sculptures.

All of the gems in the world begin as a form of crystal. Many have very distinctive shapes, while others are amorphous and nondescript. Some crystals are so beautiful in their natural state, that people collect them straight out of the ground.  Although many crystals are cut into a cabochon or faceted gemstone, cutting naturally beautiful crystals would be such a misuse of a wonderful vision of natural beauty.

Collecting these natural wonders has been one of my personal passions for the past 43 years.  The idea of all of this came to me at an international mineral show in 1988. I had seen all of the different types of minerals and crystal specimens. They were stunning. However, these specimens came with sky high prices that ranged from $40,000-$100,000, and higher. I looked around the show more and found mineral and crystal specimens just as beautiful but in pieces.  Then it dawned on me that I could take all these natural components (such as beautifully terminated crystal clusters and mineral sections) and combine them in artistic yet natural ways then light them internally, thus having created a fabulous crystal specimen at the fraction of the cost. The crystal sculptures we create can now be owned by everyone who shares the love of these specimens no longer making these for only the well healed collectors.

The first custom crystal sculpture we made in June of 1988 was made from an iron nickel meteorite that came from the Mile Wide crater in Arizona, one of the most prized meteor sites to have a meteorite from in the world. We made the matrix piece of the custom sculpture from the iron nickel meteorite and found an 13 inch Brazilian quartz obelisk  (cut like the Washington monument) with very interesting inclusions internally . Next we had an exact sized pocket machined into the Arizona meteorite, so that the clear obelisk fit exactly into that pocket. The results were it looks as if that Brazilian quartz obelisk is growing or grew right out of the meteorite. One of our jewelers then drilled a ¼ inch diameter hole thru the meteorite in the center of the pocket beneath where the Brazilian quartz obelisk is going to nest; this was done so that a light could be fitted into the sculpture and illuminates the brilliant Brazilian quartz obelisk.  A radical 2.5 inches thick American walnut base was made by our residence master woodworker, Steve Lennox, which followed the lines of the meteorite. The completed piece is to this day one of the most interesting and fascinating pieces in my personal collection. From this custom made natural crystal and minerals sculpture has sprung a bevy of ideas and sculptures over the years using pieces and parts that alone are beautiful and desirable , however when combined and arranged just right they become wonderful visions of nature that are beyond what nature itself cannot offer.

Later in following blogs I will discuss some of the current Crystal sculptures we currently have for sale.

Author: Shawn

Indiana University Alumni GIA Graduate Gemologist Student

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