The Idea Grows

In my last blog I unfolded the progression of the idea of creating natural crystal sculptures from different minerals and crystals. The putting together of minerals and crystals from different continents and assembling them as a florist would arrange flowers, to make something greater than the lone flower.

From that initial thought has sprang forth three score plus sculptures over the years. The sourcing of the various bits , pieces and parts sometimes takes three or four years to assemble in order to make the desired piece.

In 2014 while visiting a miner from Brazil at the Quartzite show  in the Arizona desert he unwrapped  a beautiful twinned Lemurian unattached crystal. It’s shape and form were extraordinary  and with perfect flawless terminated points. To give you some background on Lemurian quartz crystals at this point would be of some help.

Lemurian quartz is believed by some to be an amazing healing crystal. Lemurian quartz crystals were first found in Brazil. The name Lemurian, a mythical “lost land” located in the Pacific and Indian oceans. The 19th century myth of the sub-continent of Lemuria has now been proven incorrect by the modern plate tectonic  theories . However there is strong public belief in this myth to this day. This continued belief is the reason I felt that this rare twined crystal was an excellent choice as the centerpiece for a great sculpture. Also as an added bonus this crystal was a “Golden Healer” which is believed by some to have exceptional healing powers. Now all I had to do is find a base material to hold it’s own against that golden healer twin crystal.

Lemurian Quartz
Quartz Sculpture

One and a half years later on a trip to South America we ran across a mineral broker that had a small but very fine collection of  Bolivian amethyst cluster crystal points. In that very bunch was the perfect amethyst cluster. Now we could get to work combining the two pieces onto one perfect arrangement. After 37 hours, off and on  grinding and fitting we had married the two into an unbelievable internally lit sculpture.

Amethyst Sculpture

After completing  the above piece this, only wet my desire to make another. So the search for the next idea begins with nothing really in mind but to make something great to view. Looking at the last sculpture gave me the idea that finding a large   Bolivian single crystal with perfect natural termination would be my next thing to hunt for in my travels. While on a trip to the gem and mineral show in Tucson, Arizona the total array of the world was at hand.

Thinking it would be easy was a mistake . Four days went by and by the end of the fourth day just as I was ready to call it a day , I walked past a South American dealer selling out of the back of a van. Looking inside the van I spotted the piece I was looking to start my next sculpture. Just the right crystal, large and beautiful and perfect natural termination . Remembering a piece had seen at a Chinese dealers room I hurried back to get the fluorite piece that would be the base for my latest sculpture. A couple weeks later and we had assembled one of the best pieces we have ever put together. As of the writing of this blog both pieces are for sale in our showroom.

Author: Shawn

Indiana University Alumni GIA Graduate Gemologist Student

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