Colored Diamonds vs White Diamonds

Today the buzz about colored diamonds is everywhere, on the internet the TV and in all the print media.  Because of this we are asked several times per about colored  diamonds and how much do they cost. Most people think that colored diamonds cost the same or less than a comparable size white diamond. They are surprised to find out their actual cost. The most desirable colors are always requested and these colors are also the most expensive. Colored Diamond

Diamonds come in many colors and intensity of color. This is why the subject of colored diamonds id very complex and diverse.  I will attempt to give you a range of colors that diamonds can come in according to The Gemological Institute of America.

Here is a sample selection of colors, grayish white, WHITE, silver, blue gray, gray, greenish  gray, yellowish gray, blue gray, violet gray, brownish gray, pinkish gray, BLACK, grayish purple, PURPLE, pinkish purple, grayish pink-purple’ purple, brownish purple, pink- purple, PINK, orange pink, brownish pink, purplish orange pink, brownish purple pink, lilac, RED, purplish red, purple pink red, brownish red, ORANGE , brown orange, brownish yellow orange, reddish orange, yellowish orange, yellow orange, greenish orange, pinkish orange, BROWN , orange brown, yellow brown, orangey brown, pinkish brown,  greenish yellow brown,  reddish brown, yellow orangey brown,  pink brown,  grayish brown,  greenish orangey brown,  orangey yellow brown,  olive brown, YELLOW,  brown yellow,  green yellow,  greenish brown yellow,  yellow brown yellow,  grayish yellow,  olive yellow,  green yellow,  orange yellow,  OLIVE,  GREEN,  green olive,  yellow green,  grayish green yellow,  olive- green,  yellow green,  grayish green,  bluish green,  BLUE,  gray blue,  grayish blue .  These actual color descriptions  just begin to show the multiple variations in the natural colored diamond world.  Now as well as color is the grading scale that describes the intensity of a given color. That scale is as follows from the lowest to highest quality.







When it comes to white diamonds and their quality grading system it is a bit more simple. The color grading scale starts at the letter   D, E , F, G, H,  I,  J,  K,  L,  M,  N,  O,  P,  Q ,  R,  S,  T,  U,  V,  W,  X,  Y,  Z

Beyond Z is the fancy colored diamond.  The clarity grading scale is as follows from highest to lowest.









I1,  I2,  I3

With all the above said the groundwork is set for the explanation of the most important  thing  PRICE . To start with the prices I am going to state are approximate but all equally relevant to actual market prices.

Colored Diamonds

2 carat white diamond   H, SI1…………..$24,000.00

2carat  white diamond  D, FLAWLESS……$75,000.00

2 carat black diamond……………………….$ 1500.00

2 carat brown diamond……………………..$ 14000.00 and up

2 carat fancy yellow ………………………..$16,000.00 and up

2 carat fancy intense yellow……………..$25,000.00 and up

2 carat fancy vivid yellow………………….$60,000.00 and up

2 carat fancy intense PINK…………….$1,OOO,OOO.OO and up

2 carat fancy intense blue……………..$ 2,000,000.00 and up

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